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Saturday, October 1, 2011

September - Month End Review

Day: 72
Date: 09.30.11

It's been a while since our last update on the blog, although we have posted some status updates and pictures on our Facebook page (Faithtothe49th).  Fall comes early in AK as the leaves began changing a few weeks ago.  September has been a busy month as the kids began different sports and we began getting serious with the job hunt.  The good news is the boys are enjoying there new hobbies / sports and I have finally landed a job with State Farm.  God is good and He has continued to take care of us even though we continue to pray and seek his direction in what His plan is for us here in our new home. In the meantime we do our best to live for him and find more opportunities to serve wherever and whenever possible.

Last week we took a couple of short hikes... one here at the cabin and another at the Kenai Wildlife Refuge Center.  The hike here at the house produced 4 hawks and a porcupine which, oddly enough, was up in a tree.  I wasn't aware that porcupines spent time in trees until then, which showed me that you actually can learn something new every day.  The boys enjoyed the hike so much we decided to take another one at the refuge center a few days later.  We didn't see any animals on this trip (other than a squirrel and golden retriever) but we did see some fantastic views!  I've posted a link to those pics below.

Today we took another trip to Homer, AK to see what the changing leaves looked like there.  To our surprise we found our first snow of the season although it was in the upper elevations of the mountains there and not where we were at.  As always, Homer gave us some great views and shots.  We ended up driving as far south as possible on paved roads to the very back of Katchemak Bay.  The views along this road were amazing as the fall foliage merged with the newly snow covered peaks of the mountains across the bay.

On our return to Kasilof we stopped to see the Russian Orthodox Church and Cemetery in Ninilchik.  From there we continued on to Johnson Lake, where we happened upon a Moose and her two young ones.  The views at this lake were really nice as the leaves were changing all around.  After numerous pictures there, we continued on to Centennial Lake and then on the Head Waters of the Kasilof River which is fed by Tustumena Lake, the 8th largest lake in AK.  The Kasilof river has pristine blue water as it is fed by several different glaciers above Tustumena lake.  Unfortunately you can not get to the lake by road so we had to postpone seeing it until a later date when we can hike or boat in.  After taking several more pictures along the way, we headed home for the day.

Until next time... God Bless & Safe Travels!

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