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Thursday, July 21, 2011

2 Days on the Road...

First off, our apologies for not posting anything last night after our first day on the road. We had some technical difficulties with the WiFi and were not able to be online much yesterday evening. Tonight's a different story, so here goes!

Day #1
Date: 07/20/11
Traveled: Sevierville, TN to Benton, IL
Interstates: I40, I24 & I57
Miles Driven: 415 Miles
Hours on Road: 10am - 6pm
Weather: Sunny & HOTTT (100 degrees)

Wednesday was an uneventful day for the most part. We got a late start leaving Sevierville due to some rain the night before. We ended up pulling out around 10am but was able to make good time through middle TN and Western KY. The boys were excited to see LP Field in Nashville as we passed by. They had never been to Nashville before so seeing the skyline of a larger city as we passed through was intriguing to them. After that, we made our way into Paducah, KY as we passed Kentucky and Barkly lakes. The plan was to stop in Paducah for the evening but we were making such good time we decided to go a little farther. We ended up in Benton, IL around 6pm where we spent the night at a KOA campground. It was an older KOA and was a litle small but the people were friendly and they had a pool, which meant a lot after travelig in such heat. After a quick dip, a couple of loads of laundry and a late supper we were all ready for bed. Not the most exciting day but it was productive.

Day #2
Date: 07/21/11
Traveled: Benton, IL to St.Joseph, MO
Interstates: I57, I64, I70 & I29
Miles Driven: 406 Miles
Hours on Road: 10am - 7:30pm
Weather: Sunny & HOTTT (105 degrees)

Once again we got a little bit of a late start as we all wanted to sleep in. A quick shower and we were out loading up the camper and getting ready to hit the road. While we were working on getting things ready we began speaking with our neighbors from the night before and they too were from TN... Camden, TN to be exact... Go figure! They were traveling to northern IL to visit family. After a quick conversation with them and a little more time packing things up, we were back on the road and raring to go! After an hour or two we were passing through St. Louis, MO. We saw the Arch (Gateway to the West) and Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals play. The kids enjoyed seeing those things and we were able to snap a few pictures of them both as we drove by. It would have been nice if we had had more time and accessibility to spend a little longer there in the city, but pulling a 35' 5th wheel camper, the last place we wanted to be was in downtown, St. Louis. Another place that looked like a great place to visit was the St. Louis Zoo. We were able to see it as we passed by and it looked very nice. Unfortunately there was a bad accident just after that where it appeared as though a mattress had flipped off a truck and the car behind them swerved to miss it and in the process flipped there car as it came sliding into the concrete median. Prayers sent out to all involved in that accident as it didn't look good.after that we continued west to Kansas City, MO. Once there, we passed by KC Field, where the Royals play baseball, and Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs play football. Both of those looked to be very nice stadiums. We continued on north from there to our destination for the evening... The AOK Campground in St. Joseph, MO.

Tomorrow brings a new day with new rewards and challenges. We plan to make it a shorter day as we head to Sioux Falls, SD. The shorter day will hopefully bring some rest as everyone is a little tired. I would also like to show my family the falls, I was able to see a couple of years ago while in town on business. Depending on time and the overall mood of the crew, we may stay there overnight or travel a little farther. More to come...

God Bless!

The Moores

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