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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Timber Water Park... Wet & Wild!

Day #8
Date: 07/27/11
Traveled: Columbus, MT to Big Timber, MT
Interstates: I90
Miles Driven: 40 Miles
Hours on Road: 9:30am - 10:30am
Weather: Sunny & Breezy (85 degrees)

Well today we awoke to the beautiful snow covered Rocky Mountains in the background of the view from our camper.  It was an awesome site to behold.  We loaded everything up and went over into town to eat breakfast, stop by the post office and fill up the truck before we hit the road on our way to Great Falls, MT.  After breakfast we stopped in a little shop to look around and was talking with the cashier.  She told us there wasn't much to do in Great Falls, especially for the kids.  We asked for suggestions and she recommended a water part just an hour or so down the interstate.  After some discussion, we decided to hit the park and spend the night at the KOA campground next door and then to head out and get as close to the border as we could the next day... so that's what we did.

Upon arriving at the campground and water park, I was a bit leery but after a look around, it seemed as though it was a place the kids would enjoy.  We paid for our camping spot and parked the camper before heading over to the water part.  As you would imagine, the kids were very excited.   When we arrived we watched a short video on all the available rides and then we were off to get wet.  There were for slides for adults and older kids and then 3-4 for the kiddies..  For the folks back home, this was no Dollywood Splash Country, in fact it was a much older and smaller park, but regardless of all of that, the kids still had a blast!  We all road every slide available to us several different times, some more than others.  The boys played and played for almost 4 hours.  The warm sun mixed with a cool breeze made it a bit chilly at first but after the first hour, it was the perfect weather for a day at the pool.  Below are the links to the pics and videos of the day at the park.  Check them out when you have time.

Big Timber Water Park Pictures:

Big Timber Water Park Videos:

Cam & Cole's Race

Cole's Big Drop:

After we wore ourselves out at the park, we want back into Billings to have supper and to look around.  Here we ate at the Cracker Barrel for what appears to be the last time for a very long time as I have checked the CB website and there are no Cracker Barrels currently present in the state of AK.  This is a sad day but as they say, we all must make sacrifices... guess this one is mine.  :-)  After supper, we headed back to the campground to let the boys play on the "Air Pillow" the campground had available.  For those of you wondering what in the world this is, it was a large inflated rubber pad, shaped like a pillow that was around 50' long and 25' wide.  All the kids from the campground came out to play.  The boys had a blast on this as well.

Tomorrow we hope to get to Great Falls or further if everything goes well.  Once we are there we will spend a day or so getting things ready to cross the border over into Canada.  Once there, we will begin our trek up the Canadian Rockies for what I have been told are some breathe taking views.  We are looking forward to it!

God Bless & Good Travels!

The Moores

PS - We received word this afternoon that 4 kids accepted Christ at VBS at our church back home.  PTL!  This is awesome news and something we are so excited to hear about!

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  1. I Praise God with you Brian for the salvations at VBS!