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Monday, July 25, 2011

There's Gold in Those Hills...

Day #6
Date: 07/25/11
Traveled: N/A
Interstates: N/A
Miles Driven: N/A
Hours on Road: N/A
Weather: Rainy with Clearing Skies (90 degrees)

Well today was our last day in SD. We ended up sleeping in today. When everyone finally crawled out of bed, we decided to take the kids to Pan for Gold as it was something they had been wanting today since we arrived. We stopped out at a place near our campground and was greeted by an older gentleman in a Civil War hat. After sometime talking with him, we learned that he was a sniper in vietnam and was a stunt double in several westerns back in the day. He said he doubled for Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider and showed us pictures of him with the different actors from the different movies and shows he had been a part of. After that, we spent the next couple of hours panning for gold and gems and listening to more stories. We had a great time and the boys found lots of stones and even a little gold.

After that we went out to eat at South Dakotah Steakhouse, which was a nice place. We then swung by WalMart for some necessities and then stopped by the "Piece of Cake" cafe and bakery where we each had a wonderful desert before heading home. Once we arrived, we began chatting with our neighbors, who we discovered had actually been to Alaska on several diffent trips. They worked with a travel agency and helped with vacationing convoys that traveled all over North America. We talked about the route we had planned and received some pointers for our trip. We spent the next couple of hours socializing with these very nice folks before watching the sunset over the mountains behind the campground for the last time in SD. Below is a link to our photos of the day.

Gold Panning & Sunset Pictures:

Tomorrow we plan to hit the road and attempt to make it to Billings, MT.

God Bless & Good Travels!

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