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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Trip to the Kenai River!

Date: 08/11/11
Day: 22
Weather: 70 degrees & Sunny

This morning we arose around 10:00am and had a late breakfast.  Once that was finished we sat around for a little while trying to wake-up and decide what all we were going to do.  We finally decided to run a few errands in town and then head back to the river to see if we could find a few more fish.  After a few stops at the tackle shops and a couple hours of shopping we finally arrived at the river around 1:30pm.   Once again we all put on our waders, collected our fishing gear and headed off down the trail.  Just a few yards down the trail we passed a lady who had been fishing and her do.  We talked for a minute and she warned us of a bear print she and some of the other fishermen had seen a little further down the path.  We continued walking a few minutes when I hear Robin scream, "There's a bear" as she continued to walk down the path very quickly.  I too continued walking and could see a dark something in the bushes several yards from us.  After further inspection, we saw that it was not a bear but a moose instead that was eating the grasses along the trail.

Once we made it to the river, Mr. Gilbert and I began re-rigging some of the fishing rods.  Once this was complete everyone began fishing,  The first hour was slow with Mr. Gilbert catching only a small trout.  In a few minutes though, we heard Ms. Gilbert shout, "Fish On" and the fight began!  She was using a fly rod so there was a little more finesse to landing this fish but within a couple of minutes the Red Salmon was on the bank and everyone was excited and laughing.  A few minutes went by when I picked up a rod and cast.. and just like that I was hooked up on another fish.  I faught it for a few minutes as I didn't want the fish to win again today but unfortunately as luck would have it, the fish did win as it broke me off right up close to the bank.  I quickly retied and 3 casts later I was hooked-up on another fish which I was able to land.  Unfortunately this time it was a 16" Rainbow Trout and not one of the monster salmon.  We continued fishing the rest of the evening and Ms. Gilbert was able to hook up on one more but it too won the battle as it came off within just a few feet of the bank.  We finally decided to call it day and walked back to the truck where we took off our fishing gear and loaded everything up.

Once again it was great day here in AK!  The sun was shinning, we were fishing and we caught a couple… all while watching large bald eagles flying around in front of us.  Below are the links to the pics of the day.  We hope you enjoy!


God Bless & Safe Travels!

The Moores

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