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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gearing Up!

Day: 20
Date: 08/09/11
Weather: 65 degrees & Sunny

This morning we got up around 8:00am an continued working on things around the house.  Once the sun got up, we decided we would go into town for a few things and then maybe try to do some fishing that evening.  We had waders for everyone but Cole, so we decided to stop and a locate fishing store in town.  While we were there I found a nice Fly rod and reel which I purchased along with with several other salmon lures.  Unfortunately, they did not have waders to fit Cole here so we continued on to Fred Myers (AK version of Kroger with clothing and electronics).  We were able to find a set of waders but were having a hard time finding a set of boots.  We stopped by there discount shoes to see if we can find a cheap pair of shoes he could use instead of boots.  While we were there we began talking to another lady who wanted to know what we were looking for.  Once we explained to here that we were trying to find a pair of shoes for waders, she asked what size we needed and then told us that she thought she had waders we would need for Cole.  We exchanged information, chatted a little longer and went on our way.  In an hour or so, she called Robin and let her know that she did have a pair of waders and that we could come over and take a look.  

We loaded up in the truck and headed that way.  When we arrived she showed us around there property which was right on the Kenai River.  Her family and 5 other families had gone in together and bought 18 acres there on the river where each family built a cabin.  After that she showed us the waders and a ton of other stuff she had found for us.  We looked at everything and decided we would take it. We ended up with 3 pairs of kids chest waders, an adult pair of hip waders, 5 kids jackets, 2 adult jackets, a kids rain suit, a kids life jacket and a whole bag full of fresh salmon from the Kenai river.  We continued to talk for a while as she was very nice and we enjoyed chatting with her.  She told us about a public access site there close to her home where we could take the boys fishing.  She also told us about a possible job opportunity and she suggested a church in town that we should check out.  After our visit we headed back to the cabin as by now it was too late to hit the water.  The kids were a little disappointed as they were looking forward to fishing but we promised them we would take them the next day.  On our way back we saw a young mail moose just of the road from the cabin.  We stopped and let the kids look and we took a few pictures.  When we got back to the cabin we began working on supper with the Gilberts.  We ended up with fresh grilled steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, macaroni & cheese and rolls which made for a great supper!

After supper Jimmy and I spent several hours preparing the fishing rods and getting things together and ready for the big fishing day the next day.  We finally finished up around 1:30.  So here I sit, waiting to get up in the morning and head out on the water in search of our very first Salmon on our very first fishing adventure in AK!  Hopefully it will be a good trip!  Below are a few pics of the moose.


God Bless & Safe Travels!

The Moores

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