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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finally Settled In...

Date: 08/26/11
Weather: Sunny & 65 Degrees

After several days of clouds and showers we awoke this morning to clear skies and great weather.  After breakfast we loaded up the truck with our last load of totes to be taken to storage and headed that way.  I am happy to report that this means we are finally settled into the cabin.  Sure there are a few odds and ends to wrap up but for the most part, everything is put away in its own little place and we are once again functional and clutter free.  The boys have new bunk beds and bean bags which they really seem to like.  Things have come together nicely over the last few days.

After dropping off the totes at the storage unit we headed into Kenai to Home Depot and Wal-mart for some more organizational items and some groceries.  On our way, we stopped off to take the picture you see above.  Being a clear day, it was the perfect opportunity to get a shot of the inlet and the peninsula with the snow capped mountains in the background.  We also shot a short video which you can see below.  We continue to be amazed at all beauty that this place has to offer.  It seems as though around every corner there is something new and exciting waiting for you.

God Bless & Safe Travels!

The Moores

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