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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign...

Day #15
Date: 08/04/11
Traveled: Coal River, BC - Whitehorse, YT
Miles Driven: 368
Hours on Road: 9.5
Weather: Rain early with clearing skies later in the evening (65 degrees)

This morning we awoke from our "side of the road" camping spot in Coal River, threw on our clothes, stopped to fill up our bellies and the fuel tank on the truck and hit the road around 9:30am.  Within the first 10 minutes on the road, we ran into a huge herd of 30-40 wild buffalo in the middle of the road.  Once we were able to get through, we went another mile, maybe two and there was another herd of around 25-30.  I had seen pictures of these large animals in the past but nothing can really prepare you for the actual size of one of these large animals.  After this we continued to wind through the mountains as we did the prior day.  The scenery was once again wonderful!

After about two hours we made it to Watson Lake where we stopped to see the Sign Post Forrest, where there are over 71,000 signs, to put up a few signs of our own.  We also stopped in at the Visitor Center where we obtain our "Yukon Gold Explorer's Passports.  This is a program that the Yukon Territory puts on each year.  Within the book are the approximately 30+ different historical and educational locations throughout the Yukon Territory.  The goal is to visit as many as you can and at each location they will stamp your book.  If you obtain 10 stamps, you are entered into their annual drawing for 2 ounces of gold.  If you register 20 stamps, then you are entered into a drawing for 5 ounces of gold.  We were able to get off to a good start as we were able to obtain 2 of our stamps at Watson Lake.  One at the Northern Lights Space & Science Center and another at the Yukon Visitor Center.  After about an hour of wondering around town, the forrest and finding a place for our signs, we decided to grab a bite of lunch before hitting the road again on our way to Teslin Lake.  After 3 hours of driving, we finally made it to our next stop, Teslin.  Just prior to entering the town, there was a large pull off on a hill where we stopped and had a tremendous view of the lake, the town, a large bridge and the mountains in the background.  It really was a great view!  We stopped a little further down the road in town for fuel and continued on our way to Whitehorse.  

On our way to this town we passed another large lake called Marsh Lake.  This lake too was huge and wide open.  The winds were blowing and the waves were rolling across the lake so that it looked like a small ocean.  After 2 more hours of driving we finally arrived in Whitehorse where we found the Takhini Hot Springs Campground and so here we are.  The Hot Springs pool was nice but a little different than anything back home.  The pictures and links to videos of the day are below.  We hope you enjoy!



We plan to spend tonight and tomorrow night here in Whitehorse to get some rest as all the troops are tired from 2 very long days of traveling.  Once we leave here we plan to drive through Destruction Bay to Beaver Creek, then cross the border into AK and on to Tok to spend the night. To say we are excited about finally getting to AK is an understatement… We can't wait!

God Bless & Safe Travels!

The Moores

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