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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Praise the Lord… We Have Finally Arrived!

Day #18
Date: 08/07/11
Traveled: Glennallen, AK - SOLDOTNA, AK
Miles Driven: 300
Hours on Road: 6.5
Weather: Rain early changing to partly cloudy (60 degrees)

Well today we awoke at 6:15am tired but ready and willing to spend as much time as needed to make it our final destination, SOLDOTNA, AK!  An hour into our trip, we stopped at the Eureka Lodge & Restaurant to have breakfast.  Once again, this was a place that had a spectacular view of the snow covered mountains.  We enjoyed breakfast and then continued on our way, winding once again through large mountains where we saw a couple of different glaciers, numerous lakes, rivers and several other incredible sites.  

After a couple of hours of winding through the mountains along flowing rivers, we arrived in Palmer, where it was raining.  Within another hour we had made it to Anchorage, where we were able to drive along the bay for about 3-45 minutes, stopping to take pictures and shoot videos, before the road headed back into the mountains as we continued on toward Soldota.  

On our way we crossed several lakes and rivers, including the Russian and Kenai rivers and within 3 hours or so, we had arrived in Soldotna.  As we were coming through town, I received a text from our friends, the Gilberts, whose cabin we will be staying in for a while and whose camper we pulled and used on our trip.  It said, "slow down, you just passed us".  I pulled over at a gas station to fill-up and they caught up to us there.  There was a lot of emotion in the next few minutes as everything finally became very real for all of us… excited, tired, happy, blessed and truly unbelievable are a few thoughts, emotions and or feelings that could help describe how we felt, as we chatted in the parking lot.  From there we headed out for the cabin.  We worked for about 30-45 minutes until we were finally able to get the camper up the driveway and parked where it needed to be. 

And so, there we were, tired and exhausted but running off of pure adrenaline from the realization that we had finally made it!  A journey that had started out in our hearts and our heads almost 2 years prior… a journey that some thought was foolish or possibly even selfish… a journey, that in all honestly, at times we thought would never happen, had finally come to fruition after a 5000+ mile drive across 2 countries covering 13 states & provinces with our family, a truck, a camper and everything we owned.   



God Bless & Safe Travels!

The Moores

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